Michigan PC Tech

Computer Repair

We can repair your damaged computer. Whether it's a power surge, a spilled drink, a dropped laptop, or whatever misfortune ails your PC, we can repair it quickly and professionally. We carry most standard parts in stock and any special or hard to find parts can usually be obtained within a few business days.

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Michigan PC Tech

Custom Built Computers

Why should you let a computer manufacturer have all the fun? We can custom build you a computer for any purpose and on any budget! With custom selected parts and strict attention to detail, you can have your gaming rig or office workspace up and running in no time. We offer custom cases, custom paint jobs, and all the bells and whistles to make your PC stand apart from the rest.

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Michigan PC Tech

Virus & Spyware Removal

Face it, unless you only play Solitaire, you are probably susceptible to viruses and malware. Some are fairly harmless, while others can cause total devastation and compromise your private information. We can not only remove these pests, but we'll also set you up with the correct measures in place to drastically reduce the risk of further infections.

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Michigan PC Tech

Free Estimates!

There are never any obligations if you bring your computer or peripherals in for testing. We offer free bench testing, and can even diagnose your problems at no charge. Don't want us to perform the work? No problem! Take our advice for free and we wish you good luck!

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Learn More About Michigan PC Tech

We have been fixing your friends, neighbors, and colleagues computers in Southeast Michigan for over six years, and maintain a strong focus on our client's satisfaction. We take the time to empower our clients with the knowledge necessary to fully utilize and maintain any computer system. We believe that if we treat all people with honesty and respect, and give 100% towards any endeavor we take on, we can be a great asset to our community.

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Services we offer:

  • GPS Updating
  • Video/Audio Encoding
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Skill Development
  • Component Soldering
  • Parental Controls
  • Hardware upgrades/repair
  • Software Upgrades/Repair
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Networking
  • Data Recovery
  • Backup Solutions
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